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Case Studies
Case Studies
Beyond DVRs

Today’s DVRs do not represent the end of the technological advancement but rather are the beginning of intelligent recording devices. This article introduces future concepts of digital video recording based on Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, namely networking. Simple Network Video Recording (NVR) does not provide immunity against network failures. But by employing the principle of ‘ANR’ (Automatic Network Replenishment), NVR can cope with network downtimes without sacrificing recording integrity. This article also introduces the concept of the ‘Virtual Hard Disk’ which goes one step further and gets rid of the ongoing problem of limited hard disk sizes.

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Compression Techniques

JPEG, Motion JPEG and MPEG are three well-used acronyms used to describe different types of image compression format. But what do they mean, and why are they so relevant to today’s rapidly expanding surveillance markets? This White Paper describes the differences, and aims to provide a few answers as to why they are so important and for which surveillance applications they are more suitable.

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Converting an Analog CCTV System to IP-Surveillance

Digital video recording has been around for a while now—there are hundreds of DVRs on the market today. It used to be that only large installations or Fortune 1000 companies could afford digital. But according to a recent report from industry analysts Frost and Sullivan, demand for digital systems surpassed that for analog systems sometime in 2002. Digital technology has shown it’s superiority, but in the last two years it’s become a commodity. What’s the next step, beyond the DVR, for end users to take their security systems digital?

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