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BS 8418
British standard of remote CCTV video surveillance
Introduction: Code of Practice
BS 8418: 2003 is a guideline for design, develop, install, operate and remote monitor detector activated CCTV systems. The UK standard is to minimise false alarms to CMS and achieve best practice of CCTV systems design and installation.

Why BS 8418 Compliance?
Although BS 8418 is an UK standard, it is recognized as one of the most professional and reliable security related standard in the CCTV industry.
Advantages of BS 8418 compliance:
  • A BS 8418 compliance system will enable the efficient monitoring of your premises.
  • A BS 8418 compliance system will give you a faster and upper level response from the Police.
  • A BS 8418 compliance system can achieve best practice of CCTV system design and installation.
  • A BS 8418 compliance system can reduce the possible cases of false police call out.
  • Systems with BS 8418 compliance can reduce the insurance liability.
A fully compliant system contains the equipment, the installation service and the remote video response centre for receiving remote signals for designing, installing and monitoring the system.
A Typical BS 8418 System Setup
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