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360° Camera
When the goal of video surveillance is to survey areas and events, the biggest challenge is to not miss any information. Standard equipment is composed of a blend of fixed CCTV cameras (often called box cameras), dome cameras and PTZ cameras (motorized cameras that rotate through 360°).

Even if you increase the number and type of cameras per site, there are still dangerous blind spots in every video surveillance installation. This is where 360° fisheye systems complement traditional cameras, to eliminate blind spots.

In the spirit of openness and ease of use, Barnas Tview has created a unique 360º fisheye Optics technology that combines 360° immersive viewing functionality.

By adding just one fisheye lens to your security system, you will see everything around you without ever missing anything ever again.

  • Eliminate blind spots View, Live Record and Playback the complete 360x180 FOV, 24/7/365
  • Heighten situational awareness Improve the reaction time of First Responders

Barnas offers next generation IP visual intelligence solutions for immersive imaging technology. Barnas immersive video and photography cameras use fisheye lenses to create full situational awareness. The Barnas Tview products deliver a high-resolution, 360° view of your surroundings so you can capture the necessary details needed to safeguard the assets vital to your organization. Barnas Tview technology lets you see, record and playback a 360° field of view, making it feel like you are completely immersed in the video scene. The ability to digitally pan, tilt and zoom in live with no moving parts is accomplished by using fisheye lenses with Barnas Tview special software. The result enables you to navigate within the image - with no moving parts - and see in any direction. Barnas Tview immersive video solutions are available in spherical and hemispherical field of views.

With no moving parts, this camera provides long-term performance and reliability, while trimming expensive maintenance and repair services associated with traditional PTZ cameras. Smart controls further the functionality of the camera by providing motion detection that can trigger alerts to personnel when potential incidents occur. Privacy zones also allow users to fully customize their monitored areas. Snapshot tool is also available for archiving the image for further references. Remote viewing is also possible from any part of the world.

Barnas camera provides a high-resolution fixed view to augment your video surveillance solution. All Tview images offer the ability to digitally pan-tilt-zoom throughout an entire 360 field of view. Tview also customizes views depending on its customer's preferences.

Tview Video Benefits
  • Captures and saves entire environment digitally.
  • Virtual PTZ through live or recorded digital video.
  • Multiple simultaneous views with single camera.
  • No moving parts (greatly reduced maintenance).
  • Efficient transportation of large data files over networks.
  • Compatible with all IP-based surveillance platforms.

What Is 360 Degree Panoramic Security?

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