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TeleEye RX320 NEW! | TeleEye RX-SE | TeleEye RX504
Video Recording Servers

TeleEye RX360

Video recording server with removable hard drive and built-in DVD writer
  New Features Added     VGA Monitor Output
TeleEye RX360 Series is a range of 4-, 8- & 16-channel high performance video recording servers with built-in
DVD-writer and removable hard drive for standalone and remote operations.

Incorporating our latest SMAC-M Multi-stream Video Coding Technology, it delivers truly "no compromise" on both efficient video transmission and excellent quality recording performance.
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Multi-stream Video Coding Technology (SMAC-M)
TeleEye RX360 incorporated with SMAC-M which is the first video coder in the market that outputs 5 optimal and independent digital video steams instead of a single one. SMAC-M compresses better and records 60% longer
than MPEG-4. This saves HDD cost and reduces management headache for our customers.
Multiple Login Account with Individual Authority Setting
TeleEye RX360 supports two different login modes: basic and advanced. In advanced security mode, administrator can assign different access right between up to 20 user accounts which apply both on local OSD and remote software. Different access rights include audio monitoring, recording, playback, camera control, event control, video backup and system settings.
Sophisticated Event Management
TeleEye RX360 responses to wide range of events triggered by external alarm sensor, video motion, power interruption and tamper. There is an arm/disarm control for the event management mechanism. Actions like SMS notification, recording, etc. can be pre-set for different events.
Professional Visual Alarm Verification Solution
TeleEye RX360 complies with the British Standard BS 8418:2003, providing professional remote CCTV monitoring and visual alarm verification solution to central monitoring stations. Features include tamper & power failure detection, system arm/disarm setting and many more.
Quick Video Extraction
With a built-in DVD-writer, video footage stored inside TeleEye RX360 can be easily extracted for evidential purposes. Recorded CCTV video can be backed up in DVD and played back in any PC without any special software. Video can also be backed up to a USB flash drive.
Remote Keyboard Control
Besides control using buttons on the front panel, TeleEye RX360 also supports control using a TeleEye keyboard
RX-KB02 for local operations such as camera, screen selection, playback, etc. RX-KB02 can also be used to control the entire range of TeleEye speed dome cameras.
Versatile Telemetry Equipment Control
TeleEye RX360 works well with a wide range of telemetry systems and speed domes available in the marketplace like TeleEye DM, Pelco, Panasonic, VCL...
Low Cost Dynamic IP Internet Connection
TeleEye RX360 incorporated with our proprietary sureLINK technology which allows low cost dynamic IP Internet connection.
Built-in Web Server
All TeleEye RX360 comes with built-in web servers. Users can connect the video recording server to record and playback video as well as control the P/T/Z of the camera by using a standard web browser.
Mobile Video Monitoring
By using TeleEye M-303 M-monitoring Solution, instant video from TeleEye RX360 can be easily viewed on a mobile phone via 3G, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA or WiFi.
  • Multi-stream Video Coding Technology
  • Flexible connections:
    LAN, ADSL, PSTN and mobile network...
  • Dual connectivity:

  • Simultaneous TCP/IP & dial-up connections
  • Video transmission up to 100/120fps on LAN
  • Recording up to 100/120fps at D1 & 200/240fps
    at CIF
  • Triplex operation: simultaneous monitoring, recording & playback
  • Multiple login account
  • Up to 16 video & alarm input models
  • Support both static & dynamic IP
  • Built-in web server & live video on web
  • Independent remote viewers
  • Mobile video monitoring with M-303
  • Single- & multi-site monitoring
  • Remote audio transmission
  • Compliance with BS 8418:2003
  • Sophisticated event management
  • System arm/disarm
  • Pre- & post-alarm video recording
  • Tamper & power interruption detection
  • Entry/exit zone configurable on all alarm inputs
  • Composite / VGA video output with OSD menus (for RX368_V2 & RX3616_V2 only)
  • Video footage extraction through DVD writer and USB flash drive
  • Remote keyboard control
  • Compatibility with popular telemetry protocols
  • Unlimited video storage expansion
TeleEye RX320 NEW!
TeleEye RX-SE
TeleEye RX504
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