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When Barnas partners with your organization, we serve as the virtual extension of your enterprise. We evolve an engagement model suited to your requirements, so you can seize the competitive advantage and realize your business goals.

We provide Application Management and enhancement solutions which will help our clients to meet growing business needs or challenges. Companies around the world are outsourcing the management of their technology and business applications to Barnas for many compelling reasons.

To Stabilize the mission-critical applications and enhance their efficiency
Improve quality of service across various functions
Migrate to emerging technologies which will improve the business productivity
Reduce total cost of ownership

Barnas offers outsourcing solutions to its clients in different models to meet their business goals.

Onsite software solutions: In this model Barnas team is deployed at the client's site. This is deal for smaller engagements where offshore cost advantages are insignificant.

Onshore software solutions: The team is deployed at the local Barnas office. This model is ideal for engagements where the client does not require onsite support but would like to have the comfort of a local presence.

Offshore software solutions: This model maximizes the cost advantage, by having the Indian team execute the project. Barnas has enhanced and fine-tuned its project delivery procedures to minimize associated risk as well as to provide total transparency to the client.

Combo model: In this model, the team is deployed onsite/onshore as well as offshore in India. A smaller team is deployed onsite, while a larger team is based in India. This combination exploits the benefits of the offshore cost advantage and still maintains the comfort level attached with onsite operations. This involves initial set-up costs but typically, it is set-off within the first couple of months of its operation.

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