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Barnas software development provides complete software development life cycle solutions and product lifecycle solutions which meets the global standards with in the specified time limits. Barnas has expertise in multiple domains which could be capitalized by our clients

Barnas four phase model in developing software:

Our software team is responsible for managing all aspects of software development and services. This includes requirement gathering, design, development and Implementation

Requirement Phase

We gather the requirement from client and study the requirement to obtain the necessary information to design & develop the software product/ Project. Through continuous discussions we gather the information on the ultimate objective of the project/ product, process flow, user details, systems, etc. This helps us to achieve the clients’ business goals. The major areas followed in this phase are:

Business process between clients
Applications required
Technology to be used
Collection of content/data
User experience
Team organization
Training sessions
Time management
Quality assurance

Application designing of software built in this phase only. This includes project plan, architecture diagram plan, Integration architecture diagram plan, Quality assurance and project administration process.

Design phase

The design phase includes functional design and technical design of the software.

Functional design

The functional design focuses on structural view of the application which will also explain the process flow. It deals with determining content and functionality depending on business requirements.

Technical design

The Technical design focuses on application design, templates, graphical elements and custom code.

Development Phase

In this development phase, complete set up of hardware and software requirements to support the application will be provided such as operating system, server and data systems. This phase also provides integration, system, functional and acceptance test.


The implementation stage includes performance testing services, review of architecture and usage, predictive modeling, stress testing and detailed analysis and recommendations.

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